Second Steel audiences on revitalization: pictured words

If you were at one of the East Liberty or Northside performances, chances are good that you got “surveyed” by someone from Unlisted. In the last part of the brief survey, we asked you to share with us your thoughts or feelings on revitalization, whatever it might mean to you.

We’re keeping all of the surveys anonymous and private, but we wanted to figure out a way to share back out the way our audiences are thinking about and responding to revitalization. Wordle is always a fun and cool-lookin’ fallback. So we Wordled all of the responses and here’s what came out (bigger words are ones that popped up most frequently in answers):
revitalization wordle

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking at this:

1) because of the format of the Hill District performance and a few other factors, we were only able to survey three of our 80+ audience members in attendance on September 28. Those answers would likely have changed this visualization dramatically.

2) because the survey was administered verbally, we weren’t able to record respondents’ answers in their entirety; some kept it simple, but for the more complex answers we had to jot down as much as we could, trying to keep up. So the “written” version of the answers is necessarily filtered through the lenses (however neutral we tried to keep them) of the people administering the surveys.

I still think it’s pretty darn cool. I also wanted to acknowledge a not-uncommon initial response: “what is revitalization?” or some other form of “huh? what are you talking about?” We elaborated as little as possible; so the responses we got were also reflecting a wide range of understandings of the term itself and what the heck we might be referring to (which is after all something we’re interested in too).

What are your thoughts and feelings on revitalization? Leave them in the comments. Or email them to


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