:: Yes: all of the Second Steel performances are free of charge and open to the public. But they’ve been far from free to create. Support emerging Pittsburgh-based and international artists and innovative performance work in Pittsburgh: please consider donating the cost of a theater ticket and join our list of generous supporters.

Make a Donation Button

We’d be thrilled to have your support. Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising, all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Some examples of where your money will go:
$25 feeds two of our 10 newcomer artists breakfast and lunch for a week.
$50 goes a long way towards the cost of one international curator’s visa.
$100 almost pays for the space permit needed to perform at 2308 Centre Ave.
$200 covers the cost of renting a solar-powered generator from ZeroFossil for a day.
$1000 supports production costs for an entire performance space: Townhouse, Alco Lot 7H, 2308 Centre Ave. 
$1500 helps us get Ana back to Croatia and Paul back to Ireland.

Would you rather make an in-kind donation? 
We’re having a follow-up event to Second Steel in Pittsburgh in February (more details to come soon!). Things we’ll be looking for include: fun and interesting spaces/places to hold events, photography/videography services, volunteer staff members, projectors/lights/mics, food and beverage donations, and housing for out-of-towners.

Want to do something right this very moment? Invite all your friends to like our Facebook page, and tweet/Instagram about revitalization in Pittsburgh with the hashtag #2ndsteel.

:: Unlisted is committed to broadening access to the arts and conversation about urban space use. This means we create performances in unusual, diverse spaces. And we never charge admission for our performances.

:: Unlisted believes artists at all career stages should be compensated. Our participating artists commit significant time, creative energy, talent, training, and skill to creating these performances. This is work, no matter how much we all love it.

:: Unlisted is an international team. Housing and airfare for visiting artists raises the costs of the project, but it’s necessary to maintain a dialogue about urban space use that includes cities all over the world.


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