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:: Yes: all of the Second Steel performances are free of charge and open to the public. But they’ve been far from free to create. Support emerging Pittsburgh-based and international artists and innovative performance work in Pittsburgh: please consider donating the cost of a theater ticket and join our list of generous supporters.

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We’d be thrilled to have your support. Thanks to our fiscal sponsor, New Sun Rising, all donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Some examples of where your money will go:
$25 buys a week of communal dinners for one participating artist.
$50 goes a long way towards supporting one of our 3 international curators in applying for a visa.
$100 supports printing and space costs for surveys and community discussions in Pittsburgh around “revitalization.”
$200 pays our web costs.
$1000 will bring a visiting artist to Pittsburgh OR enable us to pay stipends to local artists.
$1500 will support an entire space’s performance budget.

Would you rather make an in-kind donation? Here’s our wish list:
offer free housing for visiting artists (month of September), cook a meal for participating artists, contribute homecooked food to a community event, give us a water boiler, offer photography/videography services for an event, volunteer to staff one of the performances, donate your projector for one of the performances, invite all your friends to like our Facebook page, tweet/Instagram about revitalization in Pittsburgh with the hashtag #2ndsteel

:: Unlisted is committed to broadening access to the arts and conversation about urban space use. This means we create performances in unusual, diverse spaces. And we never charge admission for our performances.

:: Unlisted believes artists at all career stages should be compensated. Our participating artists commit significant time, creative energy, talent, training, and skill to creating these performances. This is work, no matter how much we all love it.

:: Unlisted is an international team. Housing and airfare for visiting artists raises the costs of the project, but it’s necessary to maintain a dialogue about urban space use that includes cities all over the world.