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When and where are the performances?

Speaking generally, they’re September 25–28, 2013, in East Liberty, the Northside, and the Hill District. For specific “whens,” check the performance calendar by [clicking here]. For “wheres,” check out the map and performance descriptions by [clicking here].


Can you describe Unlisted in a few sentences?

We’re using performance to investigate urban spaces and urban space use. We produce performance pieces in spaces, usually public or semi-public, that are specifically created for those spaces.


Who is involved in Unlisted?
A loose collective of artists, Unlisted focuses on one city at a time. In each city, we bring together locals with newcomers to create the performance pieces. Artists who have worked with Unlisted in one of our host cities remain permanently in our network; often, they make connections with new Unlisted artists and are invited to work in the next city. But every version of Unlisted involves many new artists, particularly at the local level. Most of our participating artists and curators identify as early-career or emerging rather than established. If you’re interested in working on Unlisted as an artist, please contact us.


How do you select artists?

Some of our artists are invited through curators’ personal connections and interests, but we will also be selecting some artists through our public Call for Artists, running until August 10. Click here to apply! Email cory@yinzerspielen.org with any questions.


Can you explain the August 17 artist workshop/audition?

The workshop is separate from the creation of performances for Second Steel. Its goal, aside from helping us all get to know each other, is to give participants some hands-on experience in devising site-specific performance—as much as you can get in one day!

So, with that in mind, here’s a general outline of how it’ll go:
– introductions: of Unlisted, of workshop participants
– discussion of site-specificity in performance and other forms
– a game or two to break the ice
– splitting participants into 3-4 smaller groups to create super short performances for found spaces of their choice (in the immediate vicinity of the workshop)
– sharing those performances as works-in-progress with the whole group

Working on Second Steel itself as an artist will be sort of like a macro version of this workshop: artists will be working in teams, the teams will be pretty interdisciplinary, and each team will have a specific space for which to create a performance. But the development period is longer (basically, developing the pieces for the entire month of September, with the performances happening between the 25th-29th).


What is Second Steel? How is it different from Unlisted?
Unlisted is like the book title; Second Steel is like a chapter in the book. Unlisted is the name we give to the project as a whole: the umbrella under which our ongoing research on cities, space, and performance lives. When Unlisted produces a performance series in a particular city, we give that series its own title and focus geared towards a particular question or phenomenon the city’s facing. For Belgrade, the title was Twice in a Lifetime and the focus was “forgotten” public space. For Pittsburgh, our title, Second Steel, is tied to our focus on “revitalization” and what it means.


What is a performance curator?



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