UNLISTED starts with curators. The selection of those curators is driven by the local-newcomer relationship standing at the project’s core. We accepted proposals until March 8, 2013 from potential Pittsburgh-based curators who come from the fields of architecture, urban studies, anthropology, or other disciplines outside of the arts. Three international performance curators new to Pittsburgh, but familiar with “Unlisted,” selected a co-curator based on those proposals, resulting in the pairing of one international, arts-based curator with one local, academically-focused curator. Working together, each curator will infuse the other’s work with elements from their specific discipline, enriching the practice and performance of both.

: TEAM #1

MikeanaSMPittsburgh-based Curator #1: MIKANA MAEDA

“What role does light and dark play in strengthening or enclosing the market forces of revitalization and development?”: In Pittsburgh, Mikana is involved with community development in the neighborhoods of East Liberty and Larimer. Her focus is sustainability with an emphasis on green infrastructure, good design and health. She has also worked in upstate New York on education of stream restoration and water quality protection. She holds a degree in landscape architecture and has many hobbies that include bike riding, music, and gardening. By participating in Unlisted, Mikana hopes to apply her and others’ interests in the arts to explore and express urban and socio-environmental issues in Pittsburgh.

anaSMInternational Curator #1: ANA LETUNIĆ

(Croatia) At the University of Zagreb, Ana obtained a BA diploma in Psychology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science and a BA in Theatre and Film Production at the Academy of Dramatic Art. Besides working as a producer and assistant director at film, theatre and theatre festivals such as Festival of World Theatre in Zagreb, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, TEST! (International Festival of Student Theatre and Multimedia) and BITEF in Belgrade, she has been developing as a performer at various workshops (mostly Michael Chekhov method and physical theatre). She spent a semester at the University of Amsterdam where she performed in a play dealing with validness of contemporary art and worked as a curation intern for International Choreographic Centre. She is currently a student of Master in International Performance Research (and a recipient of the category A European Commision scolarship) at University of Warwick, UK and University of Arts, Belgrade during which she worked as site-specific workshop leader for Balkan Initiative for Tolerance, interned as an assistant director in Warwick Arts Centre and received an artistic residency in Art Workshop Lazareti to devise her own piece.

: TEAM #2

alexandrSMPittsburgh-based Curator #2: ALEXANDRA OLIVER

“Who decides what counts as ‘vital’ when it comes to ‘revitalization’?”: Alexandra Oliver completed her BFA in photography at Ryerson University, Toronto, and an MA in philosophy and art criticism at the University of Essex, Colchester, UK. She is currently completing a PhD in art history at the University of Pittsburgh with a dissertation on realism and contemporary photo-based art. Her research interests include photography, aesthetics, and the critical theory. Her forthcoming article on the Canadian artist Jeff Wall will appear in the Journal of Visual Arts Practice this summer. (photo courtesy of Yinzpiration)

carolinaSMInternational Curator #2: CAROLINA FALCÃO

(Salvador, Brazil) Carolina holds a Masters in International Performance Research from the University of Amsterdam (NL) and the University of Warwick (UK), and a Licensee in Dance from the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid). She is a Curator, Cultural Producer, Art Educator and Performer in the field of performing arts and moving images, and has conducted research on the encounter of dance and new technologies, urban interventions, and interculturality and media influence on contemporary behavior.

: TEAM #3

gavinSMPittsburgh-based Curator #3: GAVIN WHITE

“Is it even appropriate to use the term revitalization?”: A recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in History and Architecture, Gavin studies and creates spaces at a variety of scales. This underscored a summer-long research project on Pittsburgh’s Strip District and the complexities of place. He finds that studying space goes hand in hand with producing it. Not entirely sold on architecture as a career path, Gavin sought out alternative spatial practices. In addition to art direction for films, he has worked with artist Thorsten Brinkmann on a whole-house installation in Troy Hill, explored methods to better connect the Northside in conjunction with the Community Design Center, and collaborated on crafting a glass Woolly Mammoth skeleton for Phipps Conservatory. He plans to create an installation of his own this summer in his hometown, Mars. Finally, he is most certainly a Yinzer, and proud of it.

MOnikaSMInternational Curator #3: MONIKA PONJAVIĆ

(Bosnia and Herzegovina) Monika Ponjavić, architect, artist and performance researcher. Born in Banja Luka, BiH where she graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering with the project titled, “Transformation of Public Space for Film Festival” (mentor: PhD Radivoje Dinulović, OSITAT). She participated in Architecture Section (Media Tower) of the Prague Quadrennial 2011, where she exhibited Body Never Lies, video work she developed together with Marina Radulj that was commissioned by curator Dorita Hannah. The same project was exhibited in Banski Dvor in Banja Luka (2011), Festival Eyes on the Street in Skopje (2011), Theatre Space After 20th Century (2011), Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, Faculty of Technical Science in Prague, and MIKSER Festival in Belgrade (2012). She took part in Open Spatial Lab, a main workshop of PQ’11. Together with Dutch artist and curator Arne Hendriks, she re-constructed Alexei Gastev’s Studio for Alternative 2012: Materiality, an exhibition that took place in Gdansk. Monika recently finished the MA in International Performance Research program as a student at the University of Arts in Belgrade and University of Amsterdam. The title of her thesis was Film Curation: Performing Film in (Gallery) Space (mentors: PhD Nevena Daković (Belgrade), Outi Lahtinen (Helsinki)).