Geographical hide & seek, catalysts for change

Words from the Northside performers (you can see them in Here is nothing because here is nothing and nothing is me tonight and tomorrow at 7pm in Alco Parking Lot Blue 7H).

I am struck by this idea of geographical hide & seek. Pittsburgh provides a landscape that enables its inhabitants to remain unnoticed—hidden in vast expanses framed by mountains, rivers, highways, traintracks. It also hides its own attributes: whole areas and spaces are isolated by the landscape. Unlisted seems to be a kind of a flashlight that shines on those people+places, allowing them to be seen and explored.


–Julianne Avolio

Northside rehearsal (Photo: Matthew Conboy)

Northside rehearsal: Julianne and Dylan (Photo: Matthew Conboy)

As an artist, I rely on the idea that I am capable of inciting change, and working toward social good. Without this hope, I do not believe that the act of rehearsal or performance is worth it. To venture into different communities to produce something makes me feel like I not only have a responsibility to the audience, but to the community (which is new!). The possible impact that I saw myself as having as an actor—is to enable the audience to give themselves over to the ideas of the text. With this project I feel much closer to the point of impact, having a feeling of dialogue with the surrounding area.


The desire for change has evolved in me, that has made me think, “If I really want to change the community for the better, why am I performing?” I’ve thought about volunteer work and helping the homeless. I want to funnel that feeling into my work. I want to know that what I’m doing with Unlisted is a catalyst for change. Community awareness and presence hasn’t felt this important to me before this!


–Dylan Meyers


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