Reflections from the East Liberty team

The East Liberty team is kicking off the Second Steel performance series—in Townhouse, a pop-up furniture store on Penn Ave., tomorrow and Thursday. Here are words from some of the artists on the team, collected at the Second Steel artist meeting this weekend. For information about times and location for their Townhouse installation, [click here].

Fragments of sound tell stories of
Space—divides time through gestures.
Observing kinetically thoughts
Creeping among the dust unsettled.
I am here. With you. And your moment.
Connections of distilled threads
tie a web of unity.
Coasting on a rhythm of tomorrow.
Reflection paints the unspoken vibration.
Lingering pauses stop silenced images.
Enduring a cast away blunder.
I don’t know what these words are
But a poll lends it’s way.

–Riva Strauss

Anna’s, I also wanted to share in photograph form—I love the way it lives on the page.

reflection - anna

negotiating a wall
non-verbal communication as language
presence as language as an entryway
a doorway
to fluid/temporal experience
a memory that—in our trial to capture it
slowly slips between our fingers
maybe we will never have something to grasp
maybe the constant search for definition
perpetuates the gap.
the only thing we have to gain
is presence & experience
nothing lost
following the string
to the point we make
the choice to stop

–Anna Thompson
(a collection of ideas caught in my web)


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