Pittsburgh in (Re)view

In August, UNLISTED took part in the third annual Mini Maker Faire.  The Faire is a one-day event for Pittsburgh families to engage in arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, and technology with a DIY mindset.

We saw this amazing exhibit in Berlin at Kultur:Stadt that showcased a clean trash city that had been imagined by young people.

We were inspired and wanted to use the technique to encourage citizens to (re)imagine Pittsburgh. So, with clean trash sculpture, we set out to construct a new Pittsburgh. Oh, clean trash is a fancy way to say:  cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, plastic containers / pretty much any recyclables that one could use to help build a building. 

For the Faire, we asked participants:
We need your help! We are imagining a new Pittsburgh.
Help us by building a clean-trash sculpture, either:
1) Something that you want to save from the Pittsburgh of today.
2) Something you hope to be in the Pittsburgh of tomorrow.

Over the course of six hours, this happened:

Start 2 3 4 5 6

Yes, that is a monster at the end. We ended up having a lot of fun and found tons of inspiration in the folks who stopped to (re)imagine Pittsburgh.

Here is a complete list of the buildings that were constructed:

Chocolate Factory
Sister Sweater Bridge
Cheesy Skyscraper
PPG Plaza
Pgh Love Satellite
Cathedral of Learning
The Point
Cat Bus
Rocket Launcher
Glass Hotel
The Castle
Trader Joe’s
3 rivers
Steel mill
Zipline connecting Cathedral to TJ’s
Bike path around entire city
Urban coffee farm
Coffee shop
Rooftop garden
Barge performance venue
The Eiffel Tower
Green space
Kayaks on the river
Coffee building
Science Center
Northshore Water Steps
Butter Factory
Skyscraper Machine
Building Parts Place Factory
The Incline (working model)
Cereal Factory
Protection Place: police station + military place
Dance studio
A laser show
Telescope (traveling)
Fire Factory
Vegan snack shop
Park benches
Ferris Wheel
Westinghouse lights
Children’s Museum
Steel Building (US Steel Tower)
Another park
Gateway Clipper
Double Boat
Phipps Conservatory
Waterfront park to boat launch
NPR tower
Clock Tower #2
Tube factory (Tubing Inc.) with delivery truck
Eagles’ nest
Heinz Stadium
Pet shop
Cracker farm


If you have a moment, let us know in the comments below what you would:

1) Save from the Pittsburgh of today.
2) Hope to be in the Pittsburgh of tomorrow.


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