PERFORMANCE SPACE #2: Underpass at Sandusky St. and E. Lacock (Northside)

Every Monday for three weeks following our fundraiser/space unveiling on July 8, we’ll reveal one of September’s three performance spaces online. You can see all the spaces so far on our “SPACES” page.

: PERFORMANCE SPACE #2 Underpass at Sandusky St. and E. Lacock (Northside)

: CURATORS Mikana Maeda (Pittsburgh) & Ana Letunić (Croatia)

The site of the performance intervention is located on the Northside, at the intersection of Sandusky Street and E. Lacock Street. This site is significant in that it is an edge where multiple systems overlap. The highway, rail, river and urban renewal systems meet to create a wall that acts as a barrier and filter. It is a parking lot that is used during sports games and large events, but is periodically vacant. When unused it disappears into the transportation infrastructure that helped build the city. In posing questions about revitalization and the future of cities, the importance of useable spaces that are adaptable, updateable and accessible becomes more apparent. The future of urbanization might require us to discover a new understanding of things that we have been barred from: the natural environment and our own economy of feelings.

This space is to help us demonstrate how people of future generations (Millennials) use a space based on their memories and understandings of the past to create a degree of revival. It is to explore the impact the built environment has on the behavior of the builders while trying to reconcile our difficult relationship with the environment.

If you’re hungry for more on the Northside/North Shore, there’s the Post-Gazette’s “Pittsburgh Then & Now” page on the 1915 Sandusky St. fire and on the addition of PNC Park to the North Shore. And check out this photograph from July 31, 1911 of the North Side flood district, Lacock Street at Sandusky Street, looking east. 


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