A big fat thank you + photos.

From the Second Steel team…

00 the team

THANK YOU to everyone who came to,
donated to,
spread the word about,
performed at,
and/or asked questions at our space unveiling on Monday.

Special shout-outs to Arcade Comedy Theater for giving Mr. Rogers lady parts in some Pittsburgh/revitalization-themed improv, the Creped Crusader for crepes that only a Pittsburgher would be brilliant and diabolical enough to dream up, DJ Chad Is Rad for keeping the music playing, all of our raffle/silent auction sponsors, Parag Gohel and Julianne Avolio, and of course Wigle Whiskey.

YES: we will unveil the spaces online. It’ll happen over the next three Mondays. Watch the blog and our SPACES page to see it happen.

YES: we are now looking for Pittsburgh-based artists. See our ARTISTS page for more details (and email Cory, cory@yinzerspielen.org, to get on our radar).

Below are some photos from the space unveiling. There are more on Facebook; tag yourselves! And if you have more, email them to Christina (christina@yinzerspielen.org).

Finally: were you wondering who those guys in the parking lot were? Did you by any chance wander over and fill some water balloons with them, thinking they were Second Steelers? That’s cool. Because they’re awesome. They’re the people and volunteers behind the Great American Water Balloon Fight happening tomorrow in Station Square, and you should go do battle with them.


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