Eyes on Pittsburgh: a photography project

We invited two Pittsburgh-based photographers, Anna Lee-Fields and Emily O’Donnell, to answer five questions about Pittsburgh, revitalization, and the city’s space. With divergent backgrounds and perspectives, Anna and Emily’s photographs and text ask us to see Pittsburgh from two different angles. AND WE’D LOVE TO INCLUDE MORE! Add your voice and eyes to the project by choosing one of the questions from the list and answering it with photographs of your own. You can post photos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #2ndsteel, or you can email them to cory (at) yinzerspielen (dot) org and they’ll be posted to the blog.

Join the Unlisted: Second Steel team for our fundraiser at Wigle Whiskey on July 8 for the chance to win a print of one of these photographs!

1. What inspires you in Pittsburgh?
2. What does revitalization mean to you?
3. How is Pittsburgh unique in its use of space?
4. What’s a common misconception about Pittsburgh?
5. How do you see Pittsburgh changing right now?

THE ANSWERS: click here to see them!


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