Unlisted:Second Steel. April Updates.

Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.


But that hasn’t stopped Unlisted from getting a head start on its Pittsburgh iteration, Second Steel. In January, Yinzerspielen members Patrick Berger, Christina Kruise and Cory Tamler spent a long weekend in Pittsburgh reconnecting with old friends and colleagues, and spreading word about the project. Since then, we’ve been busy finding Pittsburgh-based co-curators (introduced below!), applying for a big grant (cross your fingers and your toes that it is a success), and networking like fiends. Yes, fiends.

Downtown Pittsburgh (photo: Cory Tamler)

While Unlisted: Second Steel is, at its core, pretty similar to Twice in a Lifetime (TIAL), there are a few things that will set it apart. This time around, Unlisted‘s focus is on revitalization, a word that has come to define Pittsburgh’s identity in the new millennium. We’ll be asking, ‘What does revitalization mean? How do we know when something has been revitalized? What role can cross-sector partnerships play in exploring revitalization?‘ We’ll also be working with curatorial teams. Three curators local to Pittsburgh, but not necessarily having an arts background, will pair up with our international curators in effort to further highlight that colliding of perspectives Unlisted so loves to talk about. The goal for these pairings is that artists and non-artists will be able to learn from one another and the differences they encounter in methodologies.

We’re excited to announce that these curator pairs will be:
Carolina Falcão and Alexandra Oliver
Ana Letunić and Mikana Maeda
Monika Ponjavić and Gavin White

To see all of our curators in one place, click here!


Finally—connecting people and people, and connecting people and opportunities, are things we love to do. So, send any news, calls for artists, articles on revitalization/urban space, and/or funding opportunities of interest to either Pittsburgh or international artists/activists our way. Behind the cut are some things we’ve come across ourselves (we post this stuff on our Facebook page, too):

  • TALKPGH. Pittsburgh’s first mobile talk show. Currently looking for neighborhood liaisons and people to be interviewed for their 20-day shoot in April.
  • DIY 10: 2013 Call for Proposals (deadline: April 8). Opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual training and professional development projects for other artists. Anyone can apply, but projects happen in the UK. Funding amount: 1000 GBP.
  • Dream of Autumn. Like all of their work, Quantum Theatre’s newest show, running until April 28, is a fantastic representation of both site-specific and internationally-focused theater in Pittsburgh. Written by Norwegian dramatist Jon Fosse, it’s performed in the former Park Schenley Restaurant at The Royal York in Oakland.
  • Interview with Alexandra Oliver on Pittsburgh blog Yinzpiration. Get to know one of our fabulous Pittsburgh-based curators even better!
  • The Longform Guide to Pittsburgh on Slate Magazine. Published in October 2012, this is a list of some great longform writing about the ‘Burgh
  • Americans for the Arts 2013 National Convention (June 14-16) is in Pittsburgh this year!
  • Bettery Magazine’s “Change of View” series. A photo documentary series in the Unlisted spirit: it juxtaposes unique impressions of cities around the globe. One local photographer and one visiting photographer show their visual perspectives on each city’s strengths and challenges. The accompanying dialogue ends with each photographer posing a solution to what the other sees as a city flaw.

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